The Day of all Days . EASTER


It seemed impossible for sure 20 years ago, that a God I did 
not know would wake me one night after 15 years of

inner torment. For all those years I faithfully
was a people pleaser and an angry victim all
at the same time which made for crazy living!
Being raised atheist, born Jewish, I had no north star,
no compass with which to make sense of the
world with--and everyone who said, "I love you", was
so mean and unpredictable. I felt trapped in a box that
 was too small to bear.
One morning, the God I did not know spoke to me.
He said you will never think you don't matter, you will
never think about ending your life again, you will
know who God is.
Like a splitting of the sky my heart was convinced that
that day held hope.
I began a Bible Study (so foreign to me) and started going
to church (so foreign to me) and within year I asked Jesus
into my heart and my whole world changed.
I remember my first Easter, when I thought, out of the blue,
no matter how badly I have been treated I need to be
thinking about how I treat others, and with that thought
God began to teach me how to live, the right way.
Hope is a precious thing.
As I celebrate 20 years from that time, I am so thankful that
the Lord has been teaching me and loving me and He is
so patient as I learn to trust and love him. I think it will take
a lifetime, one day at a time, but for the eternity after
In every piece of jewelry I make is a piece of this story, of wanting to live 
an authentic life, help others, and be of service. Every time we melt silver and gold, 
as in the Mustard Seed and Jesus Tear, I remember that in the refiner's fire
trials burns into beautiful. Suzan

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