I AM A MOTHER. Because I am a Mother I am tethered to a life of letting go and letting my daughters see, taste, and live life. It has tested my faith and my heart goes out to all Mother's as we live to protect, teach, love, and cherish our kids. I never had a Mother, mine passed away when I was 3 and my stepmother should never have carried that title because she was everything that a Mother should not be.


It has taken me my whole life to heal the hole left in my heart from having no Mother, and yet God has equipped me with all the patience, love and wisdom that I need. The reason I stumble is that I forget that, and I forget that my kids are HIS kids and that He loves them more than I ever could! Every day is a walk in humility and when I forget, that day is a day of yelling, frustration and fear.


I want my daughters to remember my faith, not my yelling, my generosity not my fears, my humility not my entitlement and desire to demand respect. Motherhood demands a rock, a willow tree, and a river flowing with forgiveness and love, and I am all in! I pray this Mother's Day, for all of us who have sadness when we think of our Moms, for all of us who have had great loss and pain at the hand of a Mother figure. And, for all Mother's who have had to let go way too early, I pray for your hearts to heal. I need my Mom friends to help me walk this walk, thank you MOMMYFRIENDS....thank you for hugs, laughs, wisdom, treats and eats....we are in this together along with centuries of women! Let's be Mother's at peace with the unknown, at peace in our faith, radiant and unshakable, kind and forgiving, patient and gentle, wise and joyful...Suzan

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