My Collecting started at an early age, mixing nature and sentiment, but now that I am older I find that I get so much joy having areas in my home where my Collections rest. When I decorated my bedroom I put shelves around a table so I can write and be amongst my collections.






Faith is my cornerstone and living with objects of faith is a constant reminder for me and an anchor to my everyday. I love putting a branch or two in a beautiful vase, simplicity is good for my brain!


My palette has always been neutral. Antiques and modern mixed with organic is always more pleasing to me against white and the morning light is my favorite. I don't wear hats but I love the way they look so I decorate with them! LOL.


Be yourself. Try new ways to display your treasures and see the joy it brings. A home that is meaningful is filled with the objects and memories that tell your family story. And your story matters. 


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