Silver will naturally tarnish over time especially if you are not wearing your jewelry piece. Gold takes a very long time to tarnish; however both metals look so much better with simple cleaning!

It's easy to keep your SUZAN jewelry clean. Did you know?

Wash your metal jewelry pieces with warm soapy water often, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. (you can do this while you are washing your dishes!) The ocean or damp air, and the lotions we wear can give your jewelry a dull look! You will be amazed how this will keep your piece shiny and clean. A soft toothbrush helps in the cleaning in between book pages but it has to be a soft brush.

Keep your SUZAN jewelry when you are not wearing it, in a zip lock bag to lessen tarnishing. If your piece becomes tarnished, use a jewelry polishing cloth, not jewelry cleaner! Chlorine and the ocean may turn your silver pieces dark as well as using Clorox and other harsh cleaners (especially around your rings).

The natural wear that your jewelry will get is part of its character as a treasured heirloom.


Don't wear your Pearls in water, and put your perfume on last. Pearls are very strong however do not like lotion, perfumes, hair spray and other chemicals. Put your pearls on last when you are dressing (even though they are so lovely you will want to put on first or simply be wearing with your pajamas!).

Restring your beads and pearls when...the knots in between look frayed. (we restring for free within first year). Pearls like to be wiped with a soft cloth every now and then. Keep them in a soft pouch or a box away from your other metal jewelry (it can scratch) when you are not wearing them.


Wash your white beads in soap and water. BUT-- don't wear them swimming or in the shower. You can polish the clasp of your silver beaded pieces with a jewelry cloth and wipe clean.

Cherish your SUZAN jewelry: it's the jewelry women to wear . keep . and give as gifts.

For restringing please contact SUZAN . We stand behind all our jewelry.