On being and Mothering

I am a Mother and I grew up without one. I live with a constant longing to

have my Mom call me, hug me, talk to me, and check in on me. Since I lost her at 3,

I have been in this place of longing, that's 55 long years! I think the word Mother

is as big as the sky, almost with no words to describe all that it means "to Mother".

You see it is a verb and a noun. To Mother, is to care enough to see, to listen, to

speak, to hug, to be quiet, to pray, to know, to say yes, to say no, to say no way, to say

absolutely, to comfort, to laugh, to smile, to dance, to sing, to sow, to make home, to be wise.


Mothering takes time-with eyes that see and ears that hear-with a heart that is humble,

patient and kind. Mothering takes wisdom and lots of other Mother's to help.

As a Mom of twin 13 year olds, I am inconsistent at best at the above list but that is

what I strive for. Most of all, I want to teach my girls hope, to know and love God, to 

know the place my strength comes from, and to know that there is a world full of Mother's

out there with enough love to fill the sky!


Hugs and love to all the women who have "mothered me" all these years, the list goes

on and on and I am so incredibly thankful. Happy Mother's Day to all who are Mothers, 

who have Mothered, and who are Mother's to be. Suzan




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