On the road to Easter . 2019

Dear SUZAN Collectors,
EASTER is my favorite time of year because it allows me to focus on the gratitude I have for God saving my life 22 years ago. So much of the inspiration of my jewelry centers on wearing pieces that we can touch--giving us a tangible reminder of how we can walk through life in faith. The pieces also remind me that encouraging each other in our faith is an everyday mission, and I want my jewelry to help that mission along. Sometimes I just take my piece off and give it to someone who needs it more at that moment.
The stories behind some of our special pieces are....
About 7 years ago I did a Beth Moore Bible Study on Living in the Spirit 
and it so changed me that I began to make "FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT BRACELETS", 
each designed as an ID (identity) bracelet engraved with one of the fruit. These quickly became bracelets that I wear everyday, and ones that have become one of our most popular gift items for young girls to women to those wise in their years to wear and treasure.
I also love the idea of the MUSTARD SEED OF FATIH! It is remarkable 
that God is so loving as to only require us to have faith the size of a Mustard Seed and He will magnify the rest! Our MUSTARD SEED NECKLACES are a reminder of this truth and are packaged with the verse from Matthew 17:20
As many of you know my life has been full of trials and through those trials, many tears have been shed. I love the verse that says, He collects all my tears in his bottle" Psalm 56:8. Because this verse has been so special to me I designed a JESUS TEAR necklace. It is packaged with the verse and story.
Another blessing in my life has been the tribe of sisters that the family
of God has built around me. Without them I could not march forward. To honor this my MARCH OF SAINTS pieces were created with an original poem about being sisters in faith.
And last but most important are all the crosses we make with crowns of thorns, knotted branches in the center, in gold and silver and a blessing in every way.
Before I make any piece of jewelry I know that the raw metal is waiting for its new life and inspiration to come alive in someone's life so I pray...
Lord tell me what to make, what will bless people, what will glorify you? And with every piece I pray that every person who sees, wears, gives, wants, or hears about our jewelry will be blessed.

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