Today I am writing about the look I see in the eyes of Mom's with graduation kids.

Whether it be from 6th grade, junior high, or high school. It's that look that says...

I'm not sure whether I need to cry, scream, or shout for joy, or all three. You see

inside a Mom, in every moment raising our children, I think, is a look into the future

with longing hearts…do they hear what I am teaching them? Will they remember the

important things, will they be OK, will they drink enough water, will they meet the right people, 

will they know God, on and on. We know our time to train them up is short and inside us is the picture in our

minds of them learning to walk, of their first laugh. Of course during those teen years if you

dare bring that up, all sentiment is lost, however, inside a Mom it is a blueprint that lasts

a lifetime. Breathe Mom, breathe. All the busyness of this time is short, the beauty of your child

and their life ahead is so amazing, the work they will do here on earth, the contributions they will make.


For Mom's of kids lost, a deep hug, for that is not in our dream. But there is always hope. Keep

praying. Keep praying. So from my heart to yours, a Mom hug for all the emotions swirling around 

in our hearts as we look at our kids.


Congratulations to you Moms of graduating kids, for all your sacrifice, all your loving care. You made it! Now go take a nap!!!


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