LIve Life Beautiful:

At Studio SUZAN we have had many inspiring conversations abut life, family, faith, personal growth and love, and I have treasured each one. In fact, many of you have asked me to write up the ideas we spoke about, in my handwriting or in another beautiful format so that you could purchase them and give them as gifts or adorn your home with them. 

I have also given you my original poems and stories with a heart to encourage you and offer new perspectives or ways to think aobut life and faith. Along side this, I have been mentoring and speaking to young women and Moms, and speaking and mentoring to those who are experiencing very trying times in life and offering my writings and art to them.

In this new chapter, I am excited to make these into packages and pieces that you will be able to see here online and purchase. Some of these packages will also be offered to schools, churches, women's retreats, and ministry. I am so excited about this. Storytelling and offering hope is my heart's passion!

Stay tuned! Love, Suzan