I’ve been thinking about the difference between saying to

“I’m getting ready”…
and saying to ourselves
“I am ready”.
It’s a distinction of one little word but in oh how it
changes our availability. Of course there is a natural
phase of “getting ready” involving preparation, training,
and logistics, however I find myself staying
comfortable sometimes telling myself “I’m getting ready”,
I just need more time...when clearly
I’m just afraid to BE ready.
It may because of the unknown details, because of fear,
because of a past difficulty. The one thing I do know,
is that when I say I’m ready it doesn’t mean I have
it all figured out to a tee. It means I am saying to
God, I’m ready to step in and let you lead me,
lead me in your perfect way, in your perfect timing,
and with all necessary strength. It means I AM ready
to listen, move and exert the necessary courage to
take the first step.
The joy is what comes next!!!

Sometimes we can never know the amazing things
yet to happen until we declare I am ready...
Today I am ready! Is there something you’ve been
“getting ready” for way too long? I am sending
hugs and prayers today because today, if any day,
is the day to be ready to do something!
Thank you Jesus! #easter 2021

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