Studio SUZAN exists to inspire and give hope to generations of women and families who are touched by the unique products we make, the stories we tell, and our authentic personal touch. The Studio Boutique at Studio SUZAN exists as an artist's workshop, and gathering place where people find inspiration, connection, hope and beautiful products to buy.

We strive to:

Keep the art of the handmade, the artistically beautiful, the meaningful, and the tangible alive in this increasing digital age.

Tell a story of faith, hope, beauty, and courage by creating and curating a unique "go-to" lifestyle collection of handmade jewelry, gifts, books, and consulting services. 

Offer a unique and highly personal shopping and customer service experience that values people and connection. 

Support our community by giving back through donations and collaborations with local organizations, and by offering mentoring, consulting and speaking services.

Conduct an ethical and humanistic business that is continually streamlined to yield profit and sustainability. 


This year we are CELEBRATING our 25th Anniversary and I am so excited to celebrate! Over the past 25 years I have been dedicated to building a company of passion, creativity, personal growth, strict ethics, and community service.
I will continue to step out in faith to tell my story and to create gorgeous jewelry that comes straight from my heart. I want women to feel put together, incredible, and special and I will continue to be brave and share my story with you, as a follower of Jesus, daughter, sister, mother, and friend.

I am passionate about giving back to the community where I live, to help our younger generation, and the Mom's who train them up to live faith filled, whole, and responsible lives. I am deeply, deeply moved to mentor and speak to help change the course of teenage abuse and suicide. My jewelry is a way for me to know and be around women of all ages, and to share my gratitude, personal trials, and triumphs with you.
I am in the process of writing for you our hopes and dreams for our Studio in detail. Our Studio right now is located in Costa Mesa in a warehouse setting and I would love to move to a more visible and central location in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach with a larger Studio where I can have workshops, teach and have interactive projects going on. (more to come). As always, I want Studio SUZAN to be unique, to be a place of gathering, blessing, inspiration and refreshment. Stay tuned for our new ideas! Suzan