$ 75

The perfect stud earring for those days when you can't decide what to wear and sweats make the outfit of the day. I call them GOOSEBUMPS because they are so small and cute! Available as single or pair.

Great for a workout day, or your daughter's first gold piece! Available in solid 14k yellow, 14k rose or 18k yellow gold.  Earrings measure 1/8".

Makes a precious gift and is beautifully wrapped with the Artist's Story. Each piece is signed, dated and handmade at Studio SUZAN, California.

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My jewelry is a story in the making and it all tells the story of life, faith, triumph and hope. I've always been inspired by the connections and details of nature and life; those places where time intersects and makes beauty out of something that seems forgotten, fallen or broken. I love everything that has been worn or touched to a magnificent patina like tools, books, leather, paper, fabric--telling the story of its owner.

My passion is to be a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend who is courageous and authentic and to help other women to live that way.  I am a storyteller, and I create jewelry by hand to help make women's lives easier and filled with more beauty, and to tell stories generation after generation. At the core, I want to tell the story of how Jesus saved my life and gave me hope.


"I am inspired by how we wear life;
with authenticity . generosity . faith . wonder . natural beauty and hope"
This is my personal testimony:

“Jewelry making, for me, is a story of hope. It has healed my broken spirit.”

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord,” in Jeremiah 29:11. They are plans for good and not for harm, to give you a future and a hope.” This magnificent promise saved me from ending my life in 1996. How can I write my life story on a little page? The first half of my life was filled with trauma and abuse, my mother’s suicide when I was three, an abusive stepmother, offset with being a very creative person, a successful career in marketing, all with my insides a tangled and lonely mess. The second half began when, at 38, I made a choice not to ever think that life wasn't worth living. After so many years of confusion, fear, and depression--in a pivotal moment--I chose to put my life into the hands of Jesus, which for a Jewish-born Atheist was nothing but a miracle! After God reworked my heart and my life perspective, I finally understood that I did have a purpose here, which was to make jewelry and to mentor to help others in pain. The craft I had learned from my father was the very gift that would save my life.

 I share this with you because my jewelry design comes from deep within. I love things that have been touched and used over time, the patina of life--The jewelry making techniques I use reflect this idea. I like my jewelry to look worn, like it has been treasured and passed on through families and time, so I leave in many of the natural markings from the jewelry process. It is a constant reminder to me that we all have scars and imperfections; the very things that give us character and make us special and unique. 

Authenticity is important to me, and my jewelry connects me to women, and heals the hole left in my heart from losing my mother. I love knowing who wears my pieces; and telling my life story and have other people share theirs. Many years of personal struggle, persistence and courage have gone into my growth, and I thank each person who enjoys and wears my jewelry. Suzan


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